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Polymer calandered or extruded flexible, semi rigid
and rigidfilms and layers made by PVC ,PP, PET

HPAS ltd offers a large range of calandered and extruded polymer films and layers as well as materials ,systems ,products and consultance services for packaging,storage and logistics , addressed to the local  and international market.
With our experience, priority to quality and customer care , we develop high quality products for both individual needs as well as stock material, covering various markets.




Polymer films and layers

Calandered and extruded Polymer films and layers
A large range of Polymer calandered or extruded flexible, semi rigid and rigid films and layers made by PVC ,PP, PET, addressed to the stationary, office,decoration , advertisement, packaging, construction  and so many other sectors.

packaging,storage & logistics handling materials

Packaging, storage & logistics
handling materials products and systems

A large range of handling materials ,products and systems for packaging,storage and logistics.
Plastic palets,palet boxes,crates,boxes,bins,tanks,cars ,wooden palets,raking systems, and so many other !

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